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Turn all your devices into secure and managed endpoints

Praim software solutions are created to facilitate access to VDI, increase security and automate the management of any endpoint, regardless of the operating system. Thanks to ThinOX4PC and the Agile family of solutions, you can transform your devices into perfectly managed endpoints.


Why Choose Endpoint Software Solutions?

  • Centrally manage all your devices with ThinMan
  • Easily access VDI with Citrix, VMware and Microsoft
  • Maintain your third-party PCs, notebooks and thin clients
  • Standardize workstations
  • Create secure shared workstations in just a few clicks
  • Simplify remote work

Discover the software solutions for your needs

ThinOX4PC is a Linux-based operating system managed by ThinMan that allows you to maintain your existing PCs and organize remote work.

Discover ThinOX4PC

Agile4PC is the Windows-based device agent that gives you more flexibility, easy access to VDI and increases the security of your devices.

Discover Agile4PC

Agile4Linux allows to take advantage of the benefits of a Linux operating system and to increase security thanks to the desktop lockdown.

Discover Agile4Linux

Agile4Pi allows kiosk creation, Raspberries management and gives you many functions while containing the investment.

Discover Agile4Pi