Agile transforms your Windows PCs into flexible and fully managed devices

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Agile4PC transforms your Windows PCs into flexible and fully managed devices


With Agile4PC and the ThinMan management software you can centrally control all your PCs. The simplified interface gives you the ability to lock desktops and protect PCs from undesired installations and malware.

Administer all your PCs with just one tool

Agile4PC connects your PCs to the ThinMan management console. With ThinMan you can monitor, configure and distribute software on your PCs and automate any operation, freeing up your time.

Make your PCs completely secure

Agile4PC allows you to replace the Windows desktop with a smart and controlled interface for accessing local and remote applications.
With Agile4PC only the administrator can modify or install software, avoiding any tampering with the PCs.


Create your kiosks in a few seconds

With Agile4PC only 5 clicks are enough to create a customized full screen browser kiosk. From the information point to digital signage, with Agile4PC you can create and control the kiosk in a simple and automatic way.


“The simplicity and effectiveness of the Praim system removed the complexity of the traditional remote workstation”


Nicola Corsi, Head of IT Services for Regional Health Service Common Structures
SIAF, University of Florence



Turn your PCs or notebooks into thin clients.

Limit investment in new hardware, increase security, optimize the management of your endpoints.



A single console for managing all your endpoints.

ThinMan keeps operational expenses in check by reducing the time required to manage workstations.



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