Small company, maximum up to 50 users.
Very diverse infrastructure: both very old PCs and new PCs. Endpoints were purchase in different periods, just when there was a new for adding a new workspace.

Do you have a small company with various users with different needs? Every user wants to have a personalised desktop and access to different resources?
As an IT Manager do you spend half of your day running from one workstation to another just to solve users problems? Do you dream about a possibility to block part of functions and setting for your users and give them access only to chosen applications?

Constant need to physically go to workstations to solve the problem Remote Assistance – thanks to this feature you will not any longer need to go to user desk to solve the problem. You will be able to resolve all issues from your own desk.
Difficulties to identify devices on which problems occurred Thanks to ThinMan and Inventory Manager you will have an overview of all the devices inside your company.
Just when you will receive a call from your user, you will know which device he is using.
Users constantly changing settings and messing up with devices This will not be an issue anymore thanks to Agile mode, which gives access to desired by user resources, allows flexibility of changing basic settings (volume, screen resolution or colours)
Difficulties to find devices that the company owns +  Users moving devices and exchanging among themselves (not so important) Inventory Manager provides you with information about your devices, gives you an information where they are and which users is using them and when.
Easy replacement of a device without changing user experience Thanks to ThinMan there will be nothing easier than changing an endpoint without changing user experience, as all data in stored on ThinMan and not on a device.
Very diverse working stations -> PCs bought in different time periods (old PCs, new PCs, etc) Inventory Manager


Big company or corporation,
Large number of workstations; unified environment: big groups of PCs or thin clients bought in the same time; big groups of users with the same user profile

Do you feel a constant pressure to reduce IT budget? Do you want to centralised and automated all IT tasks? Do take off some work overload from your shoulders would you like to delegate your tasks in a secure and controlled way?
In case of a failure do you need to have an ability to immediately replace a device?

Optimize hardware investment and extend the lifecycle of old PC Agile is installed as OS on both PCs and thin clients, turning the hardware into a powerful software. Thanks to it even your old endpoints will keep running efficiently.
Possibility to delegate tasks in a secured and controlled way You will not need to stay extrahours at work anymore! ThinMan will allow you to delegate all tasks in a secure and controlled way helps to delegate taks:
– IT Manager can in a secure way delegate (send permission) to do a remote assistance on a thin client
Have zero downtime You will not need to stay extrahours at work anymore! ThinMan will allow you to delegate all tasks in a secure and controlled way helps to delegate taks:
– IT Manager can in a secure way delegate (send permission) to do a remote assistance on a thin client
Problem of physically going to every workstation or branch office to solve problems Remote assistance
Give to users the resources that they need, independently to their location or device that they use ThinMan LogIn and user roaming
Have an overview of the entire company:
– overview where users are
– what are they doing and when
Device which controls users and monitor working time.


Do you want to have a possibility to manage as many clients as possible? Do you want to provide services to your clients without a need to each time when a problem occurs going physically to their offices? Would you like to configure devices for your clients in your office and just send them via post or even better send an entire configuration via email?
Is it absolutely essential for you to provide a completely secure environment for your clients?

Complete security With Praim Agile an entire communication is encrypted.  No more worries about a hole in security or hackers attacks.
Necessity to solve problems on client side You will not anymore need to waste time and money to go to your clients offices to solve any small problem or issue. Remote Assistance option will allow you to immediately identify on which device there is an issue and intervene instantly from your own desk.

Remote assistance
Sending configurated devices by post (ThinMan login -> user roaming)
Sending configuration via email

Slow network connection How many times have you had problems to update all endpoints due to slow Internet connection? With Praim it will not be a problem anymore! ThinMan Management Console allows to schedule updates whenever it is the most suitable for you. In case of slow network connection you can schedule your updates in the evening and this way you will not disturb your users.
Access to the device without an open hole in security Device that provides encrypted communication
Expand your business and services The complete management solution: Praim ThinMan and Agile will offer you a new platform from which you will be able to easily manage your clients and offer them new services. Such as, remote assistance support.

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