Single point of management
ThinMan management console offers seamless unified management at the enterprise level, supporting up to 20,000 endpoints. Easily manage and monitor all your endpoints, no matter how diverse they are!


Native integration with Caradigm
The complete range of Praim thin client solutions natively integrate the Caradigm Single Sign-On solutions to deliver an effective, safe and easy access to workstations, specifically developed to reach the needs of healthcare employees.


Reliable, efficient and secure workstations
Enjoy a wide range of technologically advanced and up-to-date thin and zero client solutions. Praim has over 30 years of experience in proving customers with the high quality, solid and 100% secure workstations.

Stay calm with an extra layer of protection from user-initiated security risks. Praim solutions are resistant to tampering and have secure ports. Risks of falling victim to malicious websites, installing unauthorised software, deleting system files or copying sensitive data to removable devices are greatly reduced.


Native integration with Imprivata
All Praim solutions support Imprivata OneSign® to deliver Secure, No Click Access™ to VDI. Praim and Imprivata joined forces to optimised virtual computing environment and enhance patient care in St. George’s Healthcare NHS Trust.

Pre-sale and after-sale support
Praim offers the highest level of love on the market! We offer support and consulting services to our clients during the entire lifecycle of our products in order to provide the best services possible.

“With Praim, we are now confident to expand the thin client estate into other areas of the hospital, providing the best user experience to the Trust staff and a reliable, cutting edge single point of management (ThinMan console) to our administrators”

Jerry O’Hara
Belfast Trust IT Consultant & Solutions Architect from Novosco

“The deployment of Praim solutions integrated with Caradigm and implemented by Novosco has realised some great benefits across the organisation, from saving care workers valuable time when accessing desktop services to reducing the management burden for support staff”

Phil Leighton
Technical Design Authority, Belfast Health and Social Care Trust

There is strength in numbers

Our dealers are able to leverage our technology and work with us to design the optimal solutions for you.


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