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Belfast Trust improves the efficiency of IT management and instant remote support

Praim is pleased to announce the release of a case study developed in collaboration with Belfast Trust, Caradigm and Novosco.

Belfast Health and Social Care Trust is one the largest Trust in the United Kingdom, providing integrated health and social care to over 340,000 people and employing more than 22,000 staff. In 2007, six independent trusts across the greater Belfast area were merged to create Belfast Trust as we know it today.

Belfast Trust was struggling with merging six different server farms under a single Citrix VDI environment, efficient management of 10,000 endpoints and meeting expectations of above 20,000 users’ expectations. As the previous thin client solutions could not fully meet the Trust’s requirements of preferred authentication and context management technologies new high powered thin clients were needed.

Praim is an Italian manufacturer of thin clients and centralised management software. The company entered the UK in 2012 with significant success in the public sector. Following the successful implementation of more than 3,000 thin client units at St Georges University Hospitals NHS Trust, Praim’s expertise in the healthcare sector has expanded reaching, among others, Belfast Trust.

Implementation of the ThinMan management console that automates operations on thin clients and PCs and also allows remote assistance brought manageability and control. Thanks to it device configuration and updates became simple and effortless and at the same time the workload for helpdesk dramatically decreased. All Praim products integrate Caradigm’s Identity and Access Management software to protect organisations from increasing security and compliance risks by safeguarding patient health information. Caradigm SSO solved the issue with long logon time in Belfast Trust.

Since the initial contact with Praim I had a very good feeling”, said Jerry O’Hara, Belfast Trust IT Consultant & Solutions Architect from Novosco.The people there were very responsive and proactive, positive about moving forward and getting integrated with every system”.

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