Bauli whips complexity with Citrix solutions and Praim thin clients

2019-01-09T11:25:36+00:00 March 21st, 2017|

Citrix case study “Leading panettone producer Bauli beats complexity with Citrix solutions” features Bauli adoption of Praim thin clients and ThinMan management console.

Bauli, one of the most famous panettone producers in Italy, was founded in 1922; each year the company sells over 15 millions of its traditional Christmas panettones and pandoros, as well as its Easter colombas.

As the company has enlarged into four manufacturing sites and 27 distribution centres, the complexity and IT difficulties have risen. To solve the problems Bauli implemented Citrix solutions to virtualise all of its applications and deployed Praim thin clients and ThinMan console across its locations.

As a result, “IT management is greatly simplified with all applications now managed from Bauli’s data centre. The firm has developed standard desktop images that can be published to thin client terminals or legacy PCs so that new users can be set up quickly and easily with no local installation or installation required”.

Read the entire Citrix case study.

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