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Praim's concept of flexible work

There are many types of flexible work, but they can be divided into two categories: planned and organized or created quickly and often out of control. Which of the two types does your company belong to?

For both types of work, Praim is by your side!

Is your goal to optimally organize flexible work? We offer hardware and software solutions that allow you to manage all the endpoints of your company at 360 degrees, even those used by employees outside the office, in an organized and efficient way.



An operating system on USB, easy-to-use, which guarantees IT Managers complete management of the endpoint infrastructure and employees the ability to work securely even outside the company.

Flexi Praim

Flexi: the Mobile Thin Client

The solution designed for mobile users who need to work from multiple places or bring work home. With this Mobile Thin Client you can work in the best way, anywhere and in a secure way.

Agile agents

Agents that provide a smart and controlled interface for accessing local and remote applications on Windows, Linux and Raspberry and ensure full compatibility with virtualized infrastructures.

ThinOX4PC USB, Agile or Flexi: the choice is yours!
But remember to add ThinMan for a perfect management!

ThinMan is Praim’s management console that allows to centrally manage your local and remote endpoints.
It is an essential tool, to be used also with your new ThinOX4PC USB sticks, with Agile and with your Flexi laptop.

Register your products!

Enter MyPraim and register your products to use all the additional services: manage all your endpoints directly from the platform, open support tickets or return the products.

Born to last!

Our products are created to ensure you to work and follow all your activities wherever you are. For this reason you can take them where you want, we guarantee them up to 3 years! For more information, contact us.