Easy and secure access to applications and patients records, anywhere and anytime: St George’s NHS Trust’s challenge

2019-01-11T04:59:47+02:00September 13th, 2017|

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The major need of St George’s NHS Trust was to provide doctors with quick, easy and secure access to workstations, from any department, at any time. All this providing immediate support and reducing downtime.


In order to make all workstations accessible, the Trust needed a scalable, flexible, easy to deploy and manage platform that would improve technical support which became problematic due to a rigid IT infrastructure.


The implementation of the Praim Compact Dual Core C9010 thin client and ThinMan remote management console in Platinum Edition, supporting the Imprivata OneSign® authentication management solution and a custom firmware.


The benefits that St George’s has been able to experience are many, including: reducing access time to Trust’s infrastructure, reducing energy consumption, reducing workplace distribution time, resulting in an improved efficiency and productivity.


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