The entire company’s IT infrastructure needs to be efficient 24/7 to ensure that your business runs smoothly. Actually, many of the applicative issues that occur in all companies could be solved through a remote session: this is why using a support tool can be a real benefit to your business.

Not only will your users appreciate it, you will also find efficiency back into your work day: if there isn’t an hardware problem, which almost often requires the presence of a technician, there is no need to be physically present at your user’s desk to solve the issues. Remote IT support is really a convenient, efficient and affordable way to help your company work better.

If you’re still not convinced, take a look at these five reasons why you should begin offering remote support to your users.

1. The location doesn’t matter

Providing an on-site service for big or distributed companies across one or more countries involves a number of structural and staff investments that can be extremely demanding.

By using the remote support, the location doesn’t matter anymore: as long as the user has an internet connection, you will not need to drive to his office anymore. Support can be guaranteed directly from your office to all users, no matter where they work, either in your building or in a remote office thousands of kilometers far.

2. It increases productivity and security

A benefit that users will acquire from remote support is the increased productivity.

Thanks to timely intervention, the standby time the user suffers while waiting for the technician to give an on-site support will be eliminated. Secondly, timely support by technical support staff avoid dangerous user “DIY” attempts, which could worsen the problem.

Users will appreciate quick contact times and you’ll be happy to solve all the problems in a short time.

3. It increases the IT department efficiency

If you need to move to every user, you’re wasting a lot of valuable time, there is no doubt on this.

Like the user, the support operator will reduce the downtime of moving to remote locations, increasing his productivity and improving the overall service offered to the company.

Remote monitoring and screen-sharing services also enhance communication between the support staff and the user, when compared to a classic phone or email interaction. This results in a substantial acceleration in the resolution of the problem, and in an increase in their productivity.

4. It’s cost-effective and scalabile

By using remote support you will dramatically reduce the cost of acquiring and maintaining your company car, as well as the extra hours you need to work and the the risk of accidents associated with travel are reduced.

The number of staff required to manage remote offices will surely be lower than the one required to provide an on-site service, and downtime of users and supporters will be reduced, while the number of tickets closed successfully and of supported users during a business day is significantly higher.

5. You will have more respect for the environment

Again another benefit connected with car usage: doing remote support means you’re not using your car, and so you’re not wasting gas. This will help your company to build a reputation for being more environmentally-friendly.

There are a lot of business operations you can invest in to bring your company to a higher level of sustainability, but you can simply start by cutting useless and harmful to the environment trips.


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