Are you a fan of the Linux world? Do you have an increasing number of devices to manage or reuse but you also pay attention to costs and efficiency? Would you like both simplicity and flexibility?

If you are looking for a solution to easily and efficiently enter the world of virtualization or the cloud through Linux, then you’re in the right place, because you’ve found Praim and its Agile software!

In fact, Agile4Linux, the third component of the Agile family is coming! It joins Agile4PC and Agile4Pi. Agile4Linux will further extend the potential of the Praim world, opening up the possibility of easily configuring, managing and remotely supporting any device (including PCs, laptops or third-party Thin Clients) through a Linux system.

Agile4Linux operates on an Ubuntu MATE distribution, it will be easily installed and executable even in live mode, directly from a USB stick. This solution will allow you to transform devices for which you don’t have a Windows license into fully managed and centrally controlled workstations.

But that’s not all! Have you ever thought of being able to fine-tune your optimal configuration on a Linux machine, in an easy way, with the possibility of experimenting and going back at any time? Thanks to the Write Filter developed by Praim, Agile4Linux will allow you to modify, install and configure all aspects of your Ubuntu without risking to compromise the system. At each reboot all of your changes will be automatically deleted. On the contrary, if you want to save and confirm them, you simply need to just press a button to commit. In the same way you can enable, even remotely, the use of the Write Filter to provide your end users with an always constant and brand new environment.

Here are the main Agile4Linux features we reveal you in advanced:

  • Enable Read-only mode (“Write Filter” or “Test & Commit”).
  • Multi-monitor management.
  • Automated management of remote resources (virtual or cloud) and local applications.
  • Desktop lock, simplified desktop mode, desktop branding.
  • Creation of web kiosks.
  • Remote and centralized assistance.
  • Scalability and zero-config deployment.
  • Flexibility in peripheral support.

Thanks to Praim, therefore, you can take full control of a totally mixed infrastructure: made of PCs and laptops, Windows and Linux devices, Thin Clients and Raspberry Pi. Everything will be immediate and possible through a single and simple configuration interface: Agile. By integrating the ThinMan Advanced management console, it will be possible to easily define and collect user and device profiles, reusing them indistinctly between one platform and another. And for the end user? A fresh, efficient and uniform graphic experience, regardless of the device that will be totally indistinguishable for the user.

Automatic deployment and update, scalability, reuse of devices. Take the management of your infrastructure to the next level: discover the world of Agile and Agile4Linux, which soon will be availble.