Do you have a company with various users and different needs? Every user wants to have a personalised desktop and access to different resources?

As an IT Manager do you spend half of your day running from one workstation to another just to solve users problems?

Do you dream about the possibility to limit or block some functions and setting for your users and give them access only to chosen applications?

No more users messing up with the IT system, devices and settings: all these problems are solved!

What more? The IT infrastructure managed from a single console… All your administrative and operational task automated and programmed… Additionally, no more need to run around the office to solve users’ problems… Remote assistance directly offered from your desk while the monitoring system constantly controls the entire infrastructure and informs you about potential problems and failures…

Now, free up your resources and have more time to focus on your real job and strategic tasks. Change your life, improve user experience and enjoy your job!


With Praim it’s possible! 

User experienceImprove the user experience
Simplify your work and, at the same time, increase satisfaction and productivity of your users! Agile, with its simple, easy and customisable interface, allows a fast access to both internal and external resources. Your Smart Cloud Access!

help desk supportReduce the help desk support need
The interface, together with the desktop lockdown function, gives a full flexibility and allows a complete customisation of basics settings, as well as preventing users from messing up with both settings and devices.
What does it mean, in practice? The need of IT assistance is reduced nearly to zero.

Centralised managementManage the entire infrastructure from a single point
ThinMan management console allows you to manage, automate and control your IT infrastructure from one single point! Now, it doesn’t matter where your users are, you have the constant possibility to monitor their devices and connect with them to solve their technical problems. These features are especially comfortable when your users work from home or if you have an international company with employees working in various countries.

ControlGain control over your job
You can constantly have an overview of the entire infrastructure. You can also automate and programme routine tasks, easily solve problems and, finally, have more time to focus on the strategic tasks!


Read more about Agile and ThinMan to discover what they can do for your company