With a well-established reputation as the leading Italian vendor of thin and zero clients, Praim is well known for its secure Windows and Linux workstations bundled with one of the best management solutions.

ThinMan management console is a reliable platform allowing centralised and remote management of all workstations. Some of the largest European corporations and hospitals adopted ThinMan to manage their thin client endpoint infrastrucutre.

On the endpoint side, Praim offers two novel software solutions that bring  all the benefits of thin clients to PCs and fulfil different organisational needs and technical requirements:

  • Agile – flexible solution to manage Windows PCs as Windows thin clients.
  • ThinOX4PC – extremely secure  solution based on Linux that converts any PC into a fully and easily manageable endpoint.


– Flexible Windows software that provides access to task based applications in the Cloud and allows centralised management through ThinMan management console. Agile proved itself as a reliable solution for dynamic companies that want flexible infrastructure with the latest Windows based endpoint estate.


Agile is for you if:

  • you want to provide a standardised interface to access LOB applications that are located on virtual services, remote desktop, the corporate network or as a service from the Cloud
  • your business has PCs with Windows OS;
  • you want to centrally and remotely manage your endpoints;
  • you want secure and controlled access to your infrastructure;


  • Ideal solution for any Windows 7 through 10 workstations
  • Desktop lockdown mode – provides higher security as it can focus users’ activities and transfer more power/privilages to IT administrator
  • Easy and fast to create KIOSKs
  • High flexibility and simplicity of integrating new devices in driver software
  • For PCs joined to a domain (Active Directory) and not joined to a domain
  • ThinMan allows remote management and simple configuration of many devices simultaneously, just with one click


Agile is perfect for flexible projects where IT wants to assure the cutting edge Microsoft technology support.



ThinOX4PC – Linux based software that turns any PC hardware into a powerful and secure thin or zero client, fully manageable through ThinMan. Perfect solution for large enterprise project, vertical markets and whenever the highest level of security is required.

ThinOX4PC is for you if:

  • you have a large and rigid endpoint inventory;
  • you want to enjoy all benefits of thin clients;
  • but at the same time you don’t want to spend a huge amount of money to invest in new endpoints;
  • you want to save money on Windows licensing;
  • you want to use your old endpoints and turn them into powerful thin clients;
  • you want to unify your workspace;




  • High-level of security – for those who want to avoid Windows security problems
  • Repurpose old devices with unsupported Windows OS (e.g.: Windows XP) and turn them into powerful thin or zero clients
  • Enable any new PC without requiring any local Windows OS to boot as a powerful thin or zero clients
  • Money saving – no need to pay Windows licences for local OS
  • Native integration with authentication solutions
  • Fully integrated with Caradigm and Imprivata
  • Light and powerful centralised distribution of configurations, perfect for large installation-based projects
  • Protected access through login in Active Directory
  • Fully manageable through ThinMan
  • Fully certified for the main virtualization infrastructures (Citrix Ready, VMware Ready, Microsoft…)
  • No need for local anti-malware measures on the endpoint device.

ThinOX4PC is perfect for large enterprise projects, vertical markets, solid and stable infrastructure environments (e.g.: healthcare, corporations…)


At Praim we will always help you to choose the best solution for your business needs.