Are you a fan of the Linux world? Do you have a large number of devices to manage or reuse but you also pay attention to costs and efficiency? Do you think it will grow in the future?Would you like simplicity, flexibility and the ability to scale?

If you are looking for a solution to easily and efficiently enter the world of virtualization or the cloud through Linux, then you’re in the right place, because you’ve found Praim and its Agile software!

In fact, Agile4Linux has come: the third component of the Agile family! Agile4Linux will further extend the potential of the Praim world, opening up the possibility of easily configuring, managing and remotely supporting any device (including PCs, laptops or third-party Thin Clients) based on Linux operating system.

Agile4Linux has been developed to operate on an Ubuntu MATE distribution that you can easily install or execute even in “live” mode (directly from a USB stick). This solution will allow you to transform devices for which you don’t need a Windows license into fully managed workstations, centrally controlled and capable of accessing remote resources (for example Citrix, VMware or Microsoft). All sharing the same configurations that you have already used in Agile4PC.

The versatility and ease of configuration and extension of Ubuntu will allow you to create your own tailor-made workstation, being able to: install your favorite software (even Open Source), support peripherals, apply the desired updates and make the ideal system configurations for your workstation. Agile4Linux will allow you to elevate the versatility of Ubuntu MATE to the nth degree! With its ThinMan-controlled cloning features you can focus on a single workstation and then automatically replicate all the customizations on hundreds or thousands of identical workstations in just a few clicks.

The devices enhanced with Praim’s Agile4Linux can also be used with the “Disk Protection” mode (or Write Filter) which allows you to provide your users with devices that are always “brand new” and functional regardless of previous uses, making sure that any changes made during use are volatile and forgotten after restarting the device.

But that’s not all! Have you ever thought of being able to fine-tune your optimal configuration on a Linux machine, in an easy way, with the possibility to experiment and go back to the previous set-up if necessary? The Write Filter developed by Praim in Agile4Linux is designed specifically to facilitate the IT administrator tasks and will allow you to modify, install and configure all aspects of your Ubuntu system without risking compromising the current system. If you are satisfied and want to confirm and save the configuration you have just experimented with, then just click to confirm the persistence of the changes. Otherwise, with Write Filter active, at the next restart all your changes will be automatically canceled. In the same way, you can flexibly control (enable or disable) the use of the Write Filter, even remotely via ThinMan.

Here are the main Agile4Linux features:

  • Maximum scalability through ThinMan-controlled snapshot cloning;
  • Ability to operate in “protected disk” mode; (with “Write Filter” active and the possibility of operating configurations with “Test & Commit”), which can also be controlled remotely;
  • Ability to restore the factory configuration;

that add to the common features of the whole Agile world:

  • Automated management of remote resources (virtual or cloud) and local applications;
  • Sharing configuration profiles with Agile4PC;
  • Centralized device management thanks to Praim ThinMan;
  • Desktop lockdown, simplified desktop mode, desktop branding;
  • Controlled blocking of peripherals;
  • Creation of web kiosks;
  • Remote and centralized assistance;
  • Zero-config displacement and scalability.

The underlying Ubuntu system also offers you several possibilities:

  • Multi-monitor and audio peripheral management;
  • Flexibility in supporting external peripherals;
  • Autonomy and flexibility in the use of your favorite applications (client, VPN, etc.) or open source tools (office tools, graphics, etc.).

Thanks to Praim, therefore, you can take full control of a totally mixed infrastructure: made of PCs and laptops, Windows and Linux devices, Thin Clients and Raspberry Pi. Everything will be immediate and possible through a single and simple configuration interface: Agile. By integrating the ThinMan Advanced management console, it will be possible to easily define and collect user and device profiles, reusing them indistinctly between one platform and another. And for the end user? They will benefit from a fresh, efficient and uniform graphic experience, regardless of the device that will be totally indistinguishable for the user.

Automatic deployment and update, scalability, reuse of devices: take the management of your infrastructure to the next level, discover the world of Agile with Agile4Linux.