Every modern workstation now requires a personal computer, which obviously consists of a monitor, processing units and peripherals… However, there is one category in particular that takes the name of all-in-one and encompasses everything inside one monitor. In this way the PC becomes compact, easy to carry and almost all the cables practically disappear from the desk.

The advantages of an all-in-one solution are:

  • Workstation ergonomics: the space occupied by an all-in-one is generally much lower than that occupied by multiple monitor processing units
  • Cable reduction: the wiring of the components is drastically reduced, making the desk actually devoid of cables
  • Workstation design: in the offices where design is a must, an all-in-one becomes part of the furnishing, guaranteeing a modern and efficient workstation
  • Convenient multimedia station: thanks to the integrated webcam, it makes the workstation even lighter
  • Reduction of energy consumption: it consumes less electricity than a computer with a monitor
  • Heat reduction: an all-in-one computer generates less heat than a PC, making the office even healthier
  • Better transportability: when it is necessary to move an all-in-one, the operation becomes very simple

As you can imagine, an all-in-one not only has advantages, it also has some downsides:

  • Lower performance: an all-in-one is usually less powerful than a PC because, to consume less energy, it uses CPUs designed for laptops
  • Difficult hardware upgrade: it is very difficult to upgrade internal components, such as RAM and disk
  • Cost: the cost of an all-in-one is usually greater than the sum of a PC and a monitor with the same performance

But if the all-in-one becomes a Thin Client? Are these disadvantages still valid?

The particular nature of Thin Clients makes an all-in-one particularly attractive, because it allows you to have an attractive design that can last over time. Thin Clients are born fan-less, and also all-in-one Thin Clients do not use fans: they can therefore use the same CPUs. Furthermore, since the life of a Thin Client is much longer than that of a PC, the internal components are not upgraded.

What about the cost? Obviously the complexity of building an all-in-one is greater than that of a standard PC, but Paim has the perfect promotion!

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