Since the first launch, Berry has been the effective response to the increasingly widespread need to reduce costs without sacrificing performance and reliability.

For this reason at Praim we have decided to invest in the development of a Thin Client based on Raspberry technology.

Praim Berry was launched in September 2018 as the first Thin Client based on Raspberry Pi 3 B+, with graphic coprocessor able to optimize acceleration with H.264 protocol.
Its performance, the centralized management with ThinMan and the remote configuration with Agile4Pi, make Berry the perfect device to maximize the Citrix investment of most companies.

However, in Praim we have always (and increasingly) focused on investing time and resources in Research & Development and, among the innumerable innovations that are planned for 2019, there is also an important evolution of Berry.

Now Berry is the right answer also to maximize the investments in VMware, thanks to this new model that integrates the VMware Horizon Client and guarantees compatibility with Blast Extreme protocol, offering a workstation with great performance at a very low cost. Berry is equipped with Broadcom BCM2837B0 processor, Cortex-A53 Quad Core 1.4GHz SoC and graphic coprocessor that guarantee remarkable performance while maintaining the consumption of this revolutionary Thin Client under 3W.

However, Berry’s real strength lies in its intangible part; Berry is in fact equipped with Agile4Pi, a software component thanks to which, through the Praim ThinMan console, it is managed quickly and centrally.
ThinMan and Agile, in fact, allow configurations to be distributed quickly and according to policies set by the administrator. The adoption of these two software can really simplify the life of IT managers and system administrators, saving time and resources to be able to dedicate to more important and profitable issues for the company.

In conclusion, Berry, ThinMan and Agile are the three key words to maximize the investment in Citrix or VMware and to minimize the complexity of network management.


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