At Praim we have always tried to anticipate change and make us protagonists of it, as far as possible. Thanks to our Research & Development team, we are able to anticipate the times and, in most cases, to be a reference point in the development of technologies for creating and managing workstations, whatever they are.

This 2020 has seen the growth of a word in particular: remote working. A term that has been the common thread of the year that is coming to an end and that has opened our eyes to “new ways” of working, teaching us that we are all capable of adopting new changes and transforming them into reality.

We have therefore worked on this concept, continuing to develop software and hardware solutions that can lighten the increasingly arduous tasks of IT departments and simplify usability for any type of user.

So that’s why we created BeSmart: Praim’s new concept of remote working. A project entirely dedicated to users who work on the move or remotely, with products that allow companies to manage all their endpoints in complete simplicity and autonomy.

There are two core products in this project: ThinOX4PC USB, a device specifically designed for remote work and Flexi, the first Praim Mobile Thin Client.

ThinOX4PC USB is the lightweight, convenient and easy-to-use solution for transforming third-party PCs, notebooks and Thin Clients into fully managed and secure devices with Linux-based technology. These features are enclosed in a special and unique USB device that allows companies to approach remote working in total security.

With ThinOX4PC companies can offer their employees to work in a secure, separate and fully-managed environment, without huge investments and worries on the part of the IT department.

Flexi is a Mobile Thin Client with Lenovo design, and is available in two versions: with Linux-based Praim ThinOX4PC operating system or with Windows 10 IoT and Praim Agile4PC, depending on specific needs.

The two configurations have been designed to meet the new demands of business users who work on the move and remotely, ensure device security, reliability and optimization of disk space used, as well as high speed and performance.

Finally, the integration of these two products with Praim’s ThinMan management console allows you to manage and automate any operation, and to administer corporate endpoints in an extremely simple and functional way.

Remote working is a concept that is changing the way companies work. At Praim we offer you intelligent solutions to bring a new way of working tailored to your business needs and the specific needs of your employees.

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