With the aim of simplifying the understanding, use and purchase by customers, Praim software products will follow a completely renewed licensing model.


One of the most important innovations brought by this change is the centrality of the ThinMan management console, which will be available in two different versions:

  • ThinMan Basic: the free version, with limited functionality, dedicated to the management of endpoint parks consisting of a few units.
  • ThinMan Advanced: the version that includes the necessary features for managing endpoint infrastructures formed by any number of devices.

Three Feature Packs can be added to the Advanced version, which follow the different needs of each user:

  • Network+ Feature Pack: for complex network cases, remote offices or with limited bandwidth.
  • Admin+ Feature Pack: for those who need high reliability and advanced security.
  • User+ Feature Pack: for those who need modern access, with advanced user profiles

The new model

All Praim software (ThinMan, ThinOX4PC, Agile4PC and Agile4Pi) will follow the new licensing model based on a fixed annual subscription per device. The unit price will remain fixed and will decrease as the number of devices to be licensed increases.

This new licensing model of Praim software products is presented as a news that wants to put the user at the center, offering solutions that can be designed around their needs and peculiarities” declares Jacopo Bruni, Marketing Manager of Praim.

All Praim customers already in possession of ThinMan Premium or Platinum licenses can request the free conversion to the new ThinMan Advanced license by logging in with their account in the MyPraim area.