Remote Working, this unknown! Or maybe not, or better: no more. By now we are drowning in all the news, notions, advice, solutions, and today, after almost two months we are talking about it daily (and that perhaps we really listen to what is said), we are all top experts of remote working.

So I take for granted that we all know that remote working does not (only) mean working from home, that we need special tools to do it better and that we must follow a regulation to really do it in the best way. I will therefore summarize, in three simple lines, the “academic” concept of remote working.

Remote working is an alternative way of working, which provides for an agreement between the parties (employer and employee) regarding its performance. This can take place in different places and times, but always with the appropriate tools.

It is likely that you have already adopted a solution for your company, but is it really effective? It can happen that you think you have given enough freedom to collaborators to be able to carry on the business remotely, but there may be security problems or problems in the administration of all the geographically distant endpoints.

As Praim, we offer various solutions, not only hardware and software, but also and above all a centralized and secure management console that allows you to manage all endpoints at 360 degrees even outside the office.

That’s why I will present you three possible scenarios in which the importance of centralized management is fundamental:

  • The company has already adopted new hardware (PC, notebook, Thin Client, etc.): usually these tools are Windows-based to try to maintain know-how and familiarity for the employees. Praim offers a combined solution with ThinMan (the centralized management console) and Agile4PC (the agent which manages all Windows endpoints through the console), or ThinOX4PC (the alternative and secure operating system, completely managed by ThinMan).
  • The company has not yet adopted the hardware: it is possible that, due to “phase 1”, some company has not yet equipped itself for remote working. In this case, to avoid huge investments, the Thin Client solution can be used: secure, reliable, manageable, cheap and with a very low energy consumption, to weigh as little as possible on the bills of the employees. This solution is obviously combined with ThinMan (for the centralized management).
  • All employees already have their own PCs or notebooks and the company only needs to provide the software solution: as always, management is fundamental and this is why, in this case, ThinMan needs to be used in conjunction with Agile4PC (for the management of Windows devices) and ThinOX4PC (as a separate alternative operating system for secure working, soon available also on USB stick).

These are just some advice, because we need to learn one thing from the situation we are experiencing: we must always be ready, because great things can also be done remotely, working at impossible times or even working less but better.

Finally, we must learn that having freedom and flexibility to manage the entire endpoint fleet of a company, regardless of where they are located and doing it securely is the basis. This must not be the future but, as now, it must always be the present.