At Praim we’re constantly looking for increasingly advanced solutions, designed around our customers and the sectors in which they operate. We also do this by signing important partnerships to provide products of superior quality and performance.

From this mix the ExpertCenter has born: the new multi-touch All-in-One thin client, created by integrating the design and high quality of the ASUS Business hardware solution with the power of Praim operating systems, to create a reliable, silent and fully managed thin client.

ExpertCenter features a 15.6″ fanless touchscreen, an elegant and compact design, ideal for use in all those environments where typical retail workstation operation is required. It offers a vast selection of ports that adapt to every business need and make it perfect for creating retail workstations, for example in pharmacies, in large retail companies or information kiosks in different sectors.

ExpertCenter is available in two versions: with the Praim ThinOX operating system or with the Windows 10 IoT operating system including Praim Agile.
Thanks to the Praim and Asus integration, ExpertCenter is transformed into an unalterable and secure thin client, capable of supporting a wide spectrum of use cases and completely managed through the Praim ThinMan console.

Discover now its features and choose the configuration you prefer!