ThinMan Smart Identity makes access to your company’s resources fast and secure!

Tap or put your card on a smart card reader and easily access your digital systems.


Smart Identity is irreplaceable for companies where employees often move from one workstation to another and promptly need to access their desktops.

ThinMan Smart Identity has already found various uses in:

  • Hospitals, where medical staff needs to move to various rooms and numerous patients, always securely and rapidly accessing resources and medical records.
  • Retail, where staff and salespeople move between various departments and need a quick access to their line of business applications.
  • Education, where school and university staff can access their resources easily in any possible classroom or aula.
  • Administration, where staff needs a secure and fast access to their virtual desktops.
  • Banking and finance, where ThinMan Smart Identity can add additional security levels for accessing resources.


Those are just the most common cases for using ThinMan Smart Identity. Nevertheless, any company from any industry that is looking for fast and secure access to work resources can benefit from ThinMan Smart Identity!

How it works in practice?

ThinMan Smart Identity allows organisations to implement a multi-factor authentication solution. An IT administrator can decide on the authentication parameters to be used: from simply inserting the card in the reader, to the request of the smart card with a password or PIN.

Smart Identity is an additional ThinMan Platinum add-on that allows users to access their workstations in conjunction with ThinOX4PC, Agile4PC or Agile4Pi, using contact or contactless smart cards with NFC technology.


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