We introduce you our new Flexi! The Mobile Thin Client has changed its look but without losing sight of its goal: optimizing remote and on the move working in complete security.

Flexi is now a notebook with SiComputer design and is available in two versions: with Praim ThinOX4PC or with Windows 10 IoT and Praim Agile4PC, according to different needs. The first involves the use of ThinOX, Praim’s Linux-based operating system, which guarantees high speed and performance and offers total disk write block. The second is ideal for users who do not want to give up working in a Windows environment and all the many features offered, while maintaining a high level of security.

Flexi is a solution designed for mobile users who need to work from multiple places. The anti-glare screen and long-lasting battery help you optimize your working hours.

A notebook characterized by an elegant design that, thanks to the Intel Celeron N4000 processor, the integrated Intel UHD graphics card and the 15.6” screen, simplifies multitasking work.

Flexi’s integration with the ThinMan management console also allows you to control and automate any operation and manage corporate endpoints in an extremely simple, functional and secure way.

Flexi is Praim’s Mobile Thin Client that allows you to work anywhere and with the operating system you prefer.

Choose the new Flexi and the configuration you prefer! We offer you the comfort of working with the best solution for you and your company.