In less than two weeks the company has installed and configured new devices in the production factory, starting the virtualization process that will end at the end of 2019.


The company focused on replacing the notebooks that controlled Kawasaki robotic islands with virtualized solutions to create, load and save programs. The goal of Ghidini Pietro Bosco S.p.A. it’s, in fact, to arrive at a complete virtualization of the company by the end of 2019.


The main challenge was to look for a solution that would replace the fleet in use in the company, which would allow for its virtualization and a very quick recovery in the event of an emergency. The new devices also had to have a native COM port in order to manage the Kawasaki robot drivers used in the production factory.


The company opted for the Praim Neutrino series with Windows IoT Embedded and the ThinMan centralized management console in Platinum edition with its various planning, remote assistance and HotFix installation features.


Ghidini Pietro Bosco S.p.A. has had a significant benefit in managing the endpoint infrastructure. The greater benefit, however, is revealed by the end users, with User Friendly solutions that have allowed them to continue daily operations without any problems.