Security, speed, control. Features that every company in every industrial sector is looking for in order to access IT resources. All these features can be found in a single solution that Praim has developed and improved over time.

We are talking about Smart Identity, a functionality that can be combined with the ThinMan console for the management of users’ access and permissions.

Praim is always working to provide complete, performing and simple systems for the workplace and its management, to improve the user experience by making work easier and to ensure fast and secure access to resources.

Among the various reasons that drive companies to look for solutions that allow controlled and optimised access to their resources there are: security, speed, ease of access and user control.

Smart Identity is a ThinMan component of the User+ Feature Pack that allows the use of authentication devices for the access to resources of one or more users. It uses two-factor authentication (which combines the use of smart cards, pins and passwords), allowing the IT department to manage and monitor all accesses. Furthermore, it is also possible to provide granular user security through policy-based processes, while maintaining total control of the authentications through the management console.

Who could need a feature like this? The answer is: potentially everyone. Especially in the case of shared workstations, of companies in which the access to resources is different from user to user, or companies in which it is necessary to set permissions. Sectors such as healthcare, finance, public administration and large-scale retailers can find significant benefits from the adoption of Smart Identity. This can be realised by configuring secure and personalised access policies for each user, combined with user roaming and hot-desk workstations, to provide access to the correct resources from any endpoint.

Smart Identity represents Praim’s commitment to provide a solution that respects all the values ​​we believe in: simplicity, usability, security and innovation.