Raúl Unzué Pulido, virtual systems and IT infrastructures administrator, passionate about technology and Linux in particular, has tested and reviewed ThinMan Gateway.

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Today I want to show you how to improve the management and versatility of business devices, managing them from anywhere in the world.

This is what ThinMan Gateway does: it offers the possibility of managing different offices from anywhere in the world directly from the headquarter. I’ll give you all the data in the article, but I’ll leave you some reference links here:

ThinMan Gateway is available in three different versions: software, virtual appliance and hardware. These are the differences:

Software version Virtual Appliance Hardware Appliance
Remote management yes yes yes
WOL yes yes yes
Software repositor yes yes yes
Image repository available soon available soon
Autoconfiguration yes yes
Network HA yes
Double Network Speed yes

I will show you the software version, but you can install the virtual appliance version on any hypervisor like VMware, Citrix, Virtual Box or Hyper-V.

The ThinMan Gateway architecture

One of the features of ThinMan Gateway is that it manages Wake On LAN commands to remotely switch devices on and off, making remote management easier.

You don’t need a VPN to work, as the infrastructure is manageable through the console.

The ports that need to be managed are:

This is a traditional architecture:

Installation of ThinMan Gateway virtual appliance

I will show you how to install ThinMan Gateway both from the appliance and Windows. At the bottom of the article you will find the link for downloading. The first step is to register on MyPraim and download the OVA image before uploading it to the VMware lab environment:

Gateway virtual appliance download

VMware installation of ThinMan Gateway Appliance

Once downloaded the OVA, we load it through our vCenter:


We click Next:


The installation is easy, we chose the computer resource and the storage space, which requires 128 GB:


We wait for the import to finish:



Once the OVA is loaded, we turn on the ThinMan Gateway Appliance virtual machine, access the system and configure the access data.

Windows ThinMan Gateway client installation

For the Windows client, I use Windows Server 2019. We downloaded the executable file from MyPraim and launched it:

Gateway wizard

We accept the license:

License agreement

And click Next:

Gateway setup

We enter the connection data in the ThinMan console:

Gateway setup 2

And wait for the process to finish:

Gateway setup 3

We click Finish:

Gateway setup 4

We introduce the credentials we entered before:

Gateway credentials

If we want to change some data or check the interconnection between Gateway and the console, we can do it:

Gateway configuration

ThinMan Gateway configuration from the console

Now let’s see the configuration from the console. First I updated my console to the latest version:

ThinMan update

In this way we have a new section for ThinMan Gateway:

ThinMan local console

We proceed with the update and if there is communication through the 443 port and the components, we will see it in the console:

ThinMan local console 2


Now we simply need to open the 20080 port or to change it to HTTP or HTTPS to manage our Praim platform:

Virtual server

An interesting tool. I leave you the download link.

To discover all functionalities of ThinMan Gateway, visit the product page