With Praim ThinOX4PC SBA has migrated the technology already in use by the customer, towards its own application offer, in a very short time and offering a 360-degree service.


The aim of Servizi Bancari Associati (SBA) is to offer client banks a fully virtualized infrastructure with secure, homogeneous and fully managed workstations, ensuring full operativity and integration with connected peripherals.


Perform the complete migration of the client bank’s PC estate to a virtual infrastructure, guaranteeing uniformity and a high level of management. All in a single weekend.


The implementation of the Praim ThinOX4PC software, for a completely standardized workstation management and the use of the Praim ThinMan console that allows SBA to have all the customer installation under control and to be able to manage it directly from its IT department.


SBA appreciated a considerable reduction in implementation time and costs for managing workstations. The remote support service has been optimized, with a consequent time saving.