On May 15th Praim participated as a sponsor in It’s all Banking & Insurance, an event that offers an opportunity for banks and insurance companies managers to network and inform about the new technologies, processes and industry trends.

The participation was very positive, with over 300 presences, and it was certainly a great opportunity for the managers to update on the many issues dealt with at the round tables, discover trends and evaluate innovative technologies.

Issues such as vision of the future of the market, IT and technology solutions, processes and strategies to manage Marketing and CRMs, business intelligence solutions to manage and analyse risks, which are all transversal to the two sectors, were discussed.

Our participation as a sponsor was of course aimed at promoting Praim solutions in these sectors, for the IT component and technologies, but it was also a mutual opportunity to better understand them.

As for some specific issues, not directly related to IT and technology, my competence is not such as to be able to express an opinion on it. However, I can say that the issues related to Marketing and CRM processes, or to risk management and business continuity, are also transversal to other sectors and present many common factors.

I appreciated, as a common citizen who uses a current account and an insurance, the awareness expressed by the operators themselves about the excessive contractual complexity and the limited transparency. In a market where the relationship with the customer is mainly digital, the level of transparency and simplification is today a very strong element of differentiation for any supplier. The digitalization of the processes must guarantee simplicity, transparency, but at the same time high security and continuity of the service, for this reason the technological choices are very important.

In general, from my point of view, a declared admission of delay in addressing these issues emerged, above all from the banking sector and in particular towards business customers.

The justification is of course the enormous application complexity, developed over decades of activity, which has slowed down the transformation of these large companies towards new digital services. The process has been started by many, but technologies are evolving even faster and show the technological gap with users which have become accustomed to using high-level digital e-commerce services, even on the move.

The technologies to implement these services are now available, you can use solutions in public or private Clouds, or hybrid solutions; the digitization of processes must be accelerated with a very careful eye on security, which is essential to guarantee business continuity. Security has been discussed in some sessions, and it has to be faced at 360°, it is not only implemented with the technological components, certainly indispensable, but also with a specific training of the human resources involved in the processes within each company. It is essential to correctly train these figures and involve them to analyse and effectively reduce the risks involved in transforming digital processes.

Simplification and security are two very important issues, at the heart of the digital transformation of all companies and are two fundamental values on which we have been based for over 30 years.

Solutions like ThinOX4PC, Your Secure Desktop; Agile4PC, Your Smart Cloud Access and ThinMan, The management console, are some of the Praim solutions to create and manage business workstations, with a high attention to simplicity and security. We are leaders in endpoint management for the business world; in recent years we have seen many large customer projects adopting our solutions. Logistics, large-scale distribution, industry, health, public administration, retail, telecommunications have been using our solutions for several years; banks and insurance companies also use them, but with smaller percentages compared to other markets. It is a trend that, even though late, is destined to change: the numbers of the last two years show double-digit growth in the adoption of these technologies, especially in the banking sector.

Important customers have already chosen our solutions, such as: BCC Banca Annia, Cassa Rurale Alto Garda, Cornèr Banca, Servizi Bancari Associati, Generali Assicurazioni, Hypo Alpe-Adria-Bank, ITAS Assicurazioni, Raiffeisen, ecc.

Participation in the event has certainly helped to increase the awareness of the operators that the times are tight. Companies that will not be able to complete the digitalization in a short time will find it increasingly difficult to fight the competition of new operators, which have the enormous advantage of being born and implementing native digital processes in the Cloud right from the start.


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