The manufacturing sector is very particular and heterogeneous. It includes a multitude of companies with different goals and objectives and with diversified offers.

At the IT level, however, manufacturing companies don’t differ so much from all other sectors. In particular, they must secure the IT infrastructure, optimize resources, from every point of view and offer their collaborators the opportunity to work as smoothly as possible.

But let’s see these three needs in more detail.


Cyber ​​attacks are on the rise and evolving. They can be mainly reduced into two types: attacks aimed at stealing company information and sensitive data and attacks aimed at asking for a ransom.
To address these two types of threats, appropriate measures must be taken on multiple levels. Adopting devices capable of limiting these attacks can be an important lever and a great help. Thin Clients, for example, don’t allow the writing on the disk and offer the possibility to block unwanted peripherals, which makes the device itself “as good as new” at every boot.


Fundamental for companies to exist and continue to operate, their access is important at all levels, especially if virtualized. In this case, adopting software that can provide secure and personalized access, accompanied by the support of the virtualization technology partner most suited to business needs, will make the infrastructure much more efficient and faster. Furthermore, each user, at any level, will only be able to access its own useful resources. This will add a further security level, avoiding any possible unauthorized access and creating a system based on precise policies.


Making work easier for your staff, at least from the point of view of IT resources, is also very important. Creating an adequate workstation, within the company or on the move, allows the user to improve his experience and the IT department to centrally manage all the devices of the infrastructure in order to always have the situation under control, allowing the correct accesses and keeping the systems always up to date.

Thanks to these complementary actions and, above all, to the adoption of the most suitable tools to carry them out, such as Praim hardware and software, companies in the manufacturing sector can increase security, efficiency and speed of workstations, with an eye always aimed at optimizing investments.