Cyber ​​security is certainly one of the main areas that require more attention from the IT departments of companies. With increasingly advanced hacker attacks aiming to compromise user identities to gain easy access to sensitive systems, the permission to access critical business systems with identity verification has become a must.

Businesses must protect critical assets not without running into security challenges, especially in an era where the workforce is increasingly hybrid and where users access corporate systems remotely and with VDI solutions.

ThinMan Smart Identity is the solution contained in the ThinMan console User+ Feature Pack and which helps companies to strengthen system access security and identity verification. Through smart card authentication, administrators can effectively control user access and strengthen security, leveraging an object that is often already widely used in the company, such as the electronic badge.

Created for all companies wishing to effectively implement multi-factor authentication, ThinMan Smart Identity is the perfect choice also and above all for the many advantages it offers. Discover them all by also reading the VirtualizationHowTo article.