Agile: Agile4PC – Agile4Pi

Version 2.9.10 (*) has been released and includes the following main news:

  • Compatibility with VMware Horizon View 8.3.0 client for Windows has been added;
  • Agile mode: possibility to “disconnect” from local WiFi networks (user) to reconnect to the Ethernet network (where available) has been added;

and the following improvements:

  • Agile mode: ability to view ThinMan Smart Identity username has been added;
  • Graphics libraries for Configurator, Agile Mode and Browser (performance) have been updated;
  • Various graphic improvements to the Configurator and Agile Mode;
  • Browser mode: problem of loss of enabling following the Agile update has been fixed;
  • Remote Assistance connection problem due to “Reset to default values” has been fixed;
  • Other minor and bugfixing.

(*) This version is available upon request and will be published on MyPraim during September 2021.

ThinOX and ThinOX4PC

64-bit version 11.6.2 (°) has been released as a unique multi-model firmware that includes the following enhancements:

  • VMware: new Horizon 5.5.2 client has been integrated;
  • Version 11.6.0 multi-model has been consolidated (bugfixing);
  • Improvements and bugfixing to the 802.11x module;
  • Resolution of ThinMan DHCP option problem;
  • Other minor and bugfixing.

ThinOX versions 11.6. * require the use of ThinMan version 8.3.0 or higher.

(°) This version is available on MyPraim.