Agile: Agile4PC, Agile4Linux, Agile4Pi

Version 2.10.0 (*) has been released and includes the following main news for Agile4PC and Agile4Linux:

  • Advanced management and portability between devices with single screen configuration profile (resolution and rotation) and configuration in case of multi-monitor (spatial arrangement of monitors, alignment, choice between extension or cloning, choice of primary monitor)

and the following additional improvements: 

  • Extension of the functions that can be activated by ThinMan for Agile4PC instances installed on Praim Win10 IoT image (see e.g. Flexi series products)
  • Improved management of updates from ThinMan by checking disk space
  • Improved management of WSS Safe with Let’s Encrypt certificates
  • Other minor enhancements and bug fixes.

(*) This version is available upon request and will be published on MyPraim during September 2022.