Praim announces ThinMan Premium Edition, a new free license that replaces the previous Freeware Edition. 

Trento, February, 1st 2016 – Praim, the global manufacturer of Thin & Zero Client solutions, announces the release of the new Premium edition of its ThinMan management console.

ThinMan is the management console that allows Praim Thin and zero Clients and PC to be centrally and remotely managed through a number of different console: local, remote and Web. It is an essential tool/component for any IT manager looking to simplify and automate all the operations of  device implementation and administration. In addition It also helps to drastically reduce support’s troubleshooting time and overall IT costs.

ThinMan Premium licence

The new Premium edition, a replacement of the former Freeware, manages up to 10.000 endpoints and it includes a whole set of features that before were made available only with the paid editions. ThinMan can manage any Praim Thin and Zero client endpoint as well as any PC equipped with the Praim Workstation Client. Following a simple and quick registration on Praim website any customer can download and immediately start using the Premium console for free.

The Premium licence also includes the first year of Praim Software Assurance. This service ensures customers to obtain the highest level of technical support for their Praim solutions. It provides primary access to technical assistance services,  full ThinMan updates as well as  special discounts on training courses.

The new ThinMan Premium licence is the real proof of our commitment to consistently prove and provide more value to our customers,” said Roberto Boscia, Sales Account Manager at Praim. “The ThinMan console is our signature product, an essential element that allows companies to optimize their own infrastructure management. The new Premium version offers to our customers advanced features at no cost, helping companies of every size with important costs savings, while optimizing investments and increasing service levels to their users.”

In addition, we simplified the licensing model by unifying the Enterprise and Platinum Editions and providing a free trade-up to all Praim customers.