ThinOX4PC is the well-known and increasingly improved solution for transforming third-party PCs, notebooks and Thin Clients into fully managed and secure devices with Linux-based technology. ThinOX4PC can be used for several purposes, let’s see some of them:

  • For those looking for a light, cheap and simple to use and manage solution for their devices, for example a heterogeneous and difficult to manage infrastructure or on which remote assistance is needed.
  • For those who need to refurbish obsolete hardware, thus avoiding huge investments in new hardware.
  • For those who still have many devices with Windows 7 or earlier operating systems, by replacing it with a latest generation Linux-based one.
  • For those who need more security, even in the case of PCs or notebooks with multiple uses, in order to make the endpoint less vulnerable to cyber threats.

All these features can now also be enclosed in a special and unique USB device. What are the benefits? Simple! In a world increasingly based on remote working, in any business sector, ThinOX4PC USB version allows you to use all the features of ThinOX4PC wherever you’re working.

It will be possible to work with your personal device (PC or notebook) simply by inserting the USB stick and restarting the device. This will allow you to work in a secure, separate environment and completely and centrally managed by the ThinMan management console, even remotely.

With ThinOX4PC USB version, smart working has never been so secure, easy to activate and without huge investments and worries on the part of the IT department.

Its limited size and its captivating look and feel make the USB version of ThinOX4PC the perfect solution for your remote working.