Trento, 9th April – Praim, a leading provider of systems for the creation and management of thin & zero client software and hardware workstations, announces the release of new thin client devices with Windows 10 IoT 2019 LTSC operating system.

After being the first in communicating support for this new version, Praim is pleased to present and make available the three new devices with extended support for the new operating system:

These new models reflect the will of Praim to respond promptly and effectively to the needs of the market and customers, by releasing devices designed for companies that wish to make the most of the potential of Microsoft technology. You can find all the new features introduced by reading this article.

The new models make use of high value-added Praim software solutions, such as the ThinMan software management console and the Praim Agile component, which allow the implementation of a high standard of control, access and security, simplifying the activity of the system administrator, allowing him to spend his time in strategic activities for the company.

The new models are already available for purchase through the Praim resale channel.