Summer means holidays, whether you’ll spend them in the city or in nature, by the sea or in the mountains. But for many IT Managers summer also stands for “optimization”! Yes, because for many corporate IT departments, summer is the perfect time to take advantage of the absence of colleagues and slower production rhythms to work on optimizing the IT infrastructure in total tranquility and freedom, perhaps even testing new features.

So why not do it also with the ThinMan centralized management console, experimenting with some of the features that you may not have used yet? They could improve and make your endpoint management more effective or come in very handy in the busiest months of the year, letting you solve complex problems in a short time, when you don’t have time for tests and experiments!

In particular, some of these features allow you to refine the infrastructure, in order to prepare an even more secure and updated environment for colleagues when they’ll back from vacation.

ThinMan Gateway:

contained in the Network+ Feature Pack, try it to optimize updates distribution on devices, even and above all in company’s branch offices. Adding it to your infrastructure allows you to reduce exchanges between devices and the central ThinMan, optimizing bandwidth use and update distribution times (these will be synchronized between ThinMan and Gateway only once and from Gateway they will be distributed to all the other devices connected to the same local network). It also allows you to customize the behaviour of the different locations and to use Wake on LAN locally.


included in the Advanced version of ThinMan, it’s an outstanding tool for differentiating and distributing customized configuration profiles based on specific device properties and for quickly reconfiguring them. With this feature it’s possible to create different ways of classifying your devices and for each of these define the configurations to apply, with tools that also allow you to automate scheduled activities and quick reconfiguration of endpoints.

Scheduled Activities:

an advanced functionality of the console, use it to set automatic procedures in an optimized way with respect to the rhythms of your company, for example to periodically perform, perhaps overnight, security updates, or to apply new certificates, etc.

Power Management:

one of the activities that can have an immediately tangible impact on your company’s accounts and IT security. You can use it to turn on and off local or remote devices (Wake on LAN), massively, in groups or individually, in order to reduce company consumption and at the same time let your colleagues find workstations that are always ready and “refreshed”. In fact, thanks to the Write Filter, thin client workstations are always “as new” at each reboot.


is the perfect Feature Pack for companies that want to adopt superior security practices with an eye to business continuity. Through ThinMan ACL (Access Control List) offered by Admin+ it’s possible to manage IT administration through a helpdesk team with differentiated privileges by assigning incremental permissions to ThinMan users also directly connecting to the company Active Directory.
If you don’t use this Feature Pack yet, take the opportunity to try it and start using ThinMan to its full potential, for example by activating a secondary ThinMan server (to support reliability) or using an external database that you can backup at your own will.