In a rapidly changing world we have no time to waste, we must and want to pay attention to the delicate issue of sustainability, thinking about the future of the planet.

Designing and manufacturing new products and leading a sustainable corporate life is a concrete commitment for Praim.

Our goal is to aim to become a totally sustainable company. We have already started on this path and many other activities and conscious choices are planned. We are focusing on reducing the use of plastic-type packaging to what is strictly necessary and using recycled cardboard of which we can guarantee reusability and recyclability, but we are also doing more.

We choose suppliers who have the issue of eco-sustainability at heart and we also involve our collaborators more and more in a green corporate life through a conscious use of our hardware, with an eye towards energy saving, up to the use of environmentally friendly gadgets.

Sustainability is the keyword that will guide our company and a value on which we base our development, continuing on the path to innovation and respecting the environment.