The 2019 edition of VMworld Europe, the largest and most important event in Europe organized by VMware, ended few days ago.

This event was able to combine all the technological and business aspects about one of the most important IT vendors in the world. Numbers speak for themselves: 4 days during which operators and customers had the opportunity to update themselves about VMware’s news and the related ecosystem and 35,000 estimated presences.

Praim has been a VMware partner for many years. Our products have been validated since the first VDI solutions were announced and today they are certified with the latest versions of VMware Horizon and allow our customers to create and manage a workstation in total security and with high added value.

This year we participated as a sponsor in the VMware Solution Exchange pavilion and we have been able to fully enjoy all the benefits that an event like this can give to a technology allied like Praim. “We are proud to have given our important technological contribution, to have been helpful from a technical, sales and consulting point of view to the many visitors to our stand”, says Jacopo Bruni, Marketing Manager of Praim.

A lot of people also had fun playing with us and winning our gadgets rigorously chosen in the name of eco-sustainability.

On this occasion we focused on our software solutions, but also hardware models, such as Berry and the new Quantum series, have not been overshadowed.

This event has been an excellent opportunity to showcase our products and news to all market operators and end users of the EMEA area, confirming the leadership position in the markets where we already operate“, declares Stefano Bonmassar, Chief Sales Officer of Praim. This year our participation has been a great success: during the 3 days of exhibition over 1,000 customers visited our stand and were able to keep up-to-date with our product news.

It has also been an extremely valuable opportunity for our technical team. Thanks to the many interactions with our visitors we had the unique chance to catch up on the main and the new requirements from worldwide represented VDI experts, from very different markets and business environments.  “We perceived an increasing interest around VDI infrastructures and thin client solutions able to approach the challenges of modern companies, continuously aspiring at the most flexible, efficient and cost-effective infrastructural and administrative solutions”, explains Michele Vescovi, R&D Manager of Praim. In particular, we registered a significant increase of demand arising from the emerging markets of East Europe, Middle East, Mediterranean and South of Africa.

In this edition we noticed a big improvement in the VMware Product Strategy. “The direction is clear: the company wants to go back to be the leader in the innovation on infrastructure, focusing on application management and monitoring”, says Nicola Manica, CTO of Praim. The new development standards, based on DevOps metodology, require infrastructures able to rapidly adapt, often also in an automatic way. The microservice management, often developed inside container, causes some troubles to actual software tools. For these reasons, Kubernetes project was a central topic, as well as how the new projects Tanzu and Pacific are aimed to improve the management, the deploy and the monitoring of services. “The big effort in those topics ensures to the future IT managers consistent management tools independently from the Cloud technology in use for their workload management, rising the competition and guaranteeing greater choice freedom“, concludes Manica.