We have been talking about it for months, but the reality is that it’s essential to keep repeating how important working remotely in an “organized” way is.

These last months forced us to run for cover, showing the level of preparation of all companies, but it also taught us that our work must involve greater flexibility.

But be careful, behind the flexibility of schedules, places, tasks of each employee, there is a meticulous work of the company IT department: to provide the correct tools to work in a “different” way and the guidelines to be respected in terms of security, designing workflows from scratch, etc., but what we sometimes forget is: we need to manage this situation!

Yes, we are talking about management. Because relocating resources outside the company is risky. Let’s imagine that the company has decided to adopt a remote working model: employees can work from home, even with their own PCs, business travelers connect with their notebooks from different places, staff members who work in the administration, production or logistics departments use Thin Clients or domain PCs and maybe there is a production line with devices that allow to monitor the chain; everything is virtualized and everything is in the Cloud… that would be great! But, are we sure that the management of this very heterogeneous endpoint park is organized correctly? What would happen if you lose control? What if Microsoft releases a major security update?

It is not psychological terrorism. It’s just “being prerpared”. In Praim we work guided by our mission, to create and manage all workstations in the simplest way possible. We constantly develop solutions such as ThinMan, a centralized endpoint management console, which can also be used in the Cloud, which allows countless operations, even scheduled, on all endpoints of the company network, whether they are PCs, notebooks, Raspberry or Linux devices, Thin Clients, etc. Operations that can be automated with a few clicks, also including massive updates, device and access configuration, all based on a secure protocol.

ThinMan combines with a series of Praim software solutions, which allow the uniformity and management of all devices.

The Agile product family allows you to manage Windows, Raspberry and Linux devices, thanks to an intuitive and complete configuration of the agent on the device and a user-friendly interface for accessing remote resources. Agile increases security with features such as USB port blocking, desktop lockdown and limiting access to corporate resources based on the role and policies of each individual user or group.

ThinOX4PC, the Linux-based operating system completely developed by Praim, is entirely manageable through the ThinMan console and allows you to provide a secure and configured endpoint, to recondition old hardware avoiding investments in assets or to convert devices with obsolete operating systems into manageable endpoints. ThinOX4PC is also available in USB version and thus facilitates the adoption of remote working with an easy and turnkey tool for the use of a secure and armored partition even on private PCs and notebooks.

In short, in a correct strategy for implementing a heterogeneous endpoint park, a correct management and efficient administration of devices is a fundamental element for a secure, modern and smart business!