The company has offered its employees the opportunity to work remotely, in complete autonomy and without risk of interruptions, protecting and maintaining the security of information systems.


The objective in P.E. Labellers is the continuous improvement, at all levels and departments. In this case, the company aimed to implement devices with excellent graphic and calculation performance, to maintain centralized management, to the possibility of offering remote assistance on the workstations, and to guaranteeing the continuity of service.


Consequently to the expansion of its business, P.E. Labellers needed to expand the installed estate and manage it in the simplest and most centralized way possible, with reliable solutions both for the work in the company and remotely and also responding to the particular technical requirements of the specific business activities


In 2019 P.E. Labellers equipped itself with 30 Praim-based software systems with the Praim ThinOX4PC operating system which made available to employees of various corporate departments, and in 2020 made 14 more available, in addition to having implemented the endpoint management console of Praim ThinMan.


The advantages have been manifold: the solutions chosen are as reliable as user-friendly and their installation took place in extremely short times. Information systems are protected and secured and the time that internal IT resources have spent and will spend in the management and maintenance of endpoints has been optimized to the maximum.