The company consolidates its innovative spirit and expands its offer of ever-performing technologies in support of customers and prospects in digital transformation.

Trento, May 4th 2017 – Praim, a global provider of thin & zero client solutions, turns 30 years old and celebrates this important anniversary with a significant enrichment of its range of solutions to continue to progress in its technology path.

Since its founding in 1987, the company has experienced and is still experiencing all the technological and digital transformation processes, participating in the birth and consolidation of numerous trends, from the Internet to the advent of mobile and cloud computing, to IT and Big Data. Praim has always invested in R&D to create high-performance solutions that respond quickly and in a suitable way to the needs of companies and the market, to keep pace with the times and to support the customers at its own best.

The company closed the 2016 with significant results, recording a very positive trend, with a constant increase in the last 10 years turnover, an increase in the number of active customers and assets, which led management to invest and further enhance its own support in the provision of future-proof solutions. In the first few months of the year, there were numerous innovations that involved the company, not just on the product front. In fact, to confirm its innovative spirit, a complete restyling of the corporate image has been achieved, starting with the new logo and the website, to ensure an even more intuitive web browsing and make all marketing tools available to resellers and customers, materials that today are characterised by even more linear and immediate graphics.

Today our approach is changed, from providing endpoint solutions we now guarantee a full suite of solutions that represents for our clients a simple answer to cope with the complexity of managing workstations in its entirety,” explains Franco Broccardo, President of Praim. “In fact, the need to quickly update the IT infrastructures, to include new applications in company, often from different providers, makes it increasingly difficult to manage workstations. In particular, when using hybrid infrastructures to maintain constantly updated connections and deploy applications quickly and in a differentiated manner is now an essential requirement. This change finds us all renewed, ready to face with our partners new challenges the evolution of the IT world confronts us every day and certain to offer solutions that simplify technology to make it easy to create business solutions“.

To enable maximum agility and scalability, the company has strengthened its range of thin & zero client solutions to provide a complete system for creating and administering flexible and intelligent workstations. A key role in these operations is played by the ThinMan console, which enables centralised management of all thin & zero client and PC devices, and enables companies to make an effective investment, limit time and expenses, and optimise assets and productivity.

In fact, ThinMan allows you to perform management and maintenance operations in a programmed way and with the profiling system you can also administer the most heterogeneous groups of devices and users. With the simple graphical interface and contextual menus, you can perform power-on, shut down, upgrades, control and remote service tasks, all from a single tool.

Device management and remote control features can be extended to PC-type devices that are converted to thin clients by using ThinOX4PC software, or Windows-based PCs that install the Praim Agile solution.

The new Agile, the software solution that can be installed on Windows devices, is available on Agile Mode feature on all Praim Windows Embedded Standard 7 and Windows 10 IoT thin clients, and it can also be installed on PCs that use Windows 7 and Windows 10, to ensure maximum flexibility and ease of access to applications and resources without any risk of device tampering. Agile simplifies the access and execution of local and external resources, and the user has access to the information dedicated to him, through a simple interface that provides a user experience similar to that of a smartphone.

Over the last 30 years, we have been focusing on constant market analysis and evolving trends, to identify all new opportunities for innovation and transform them into business opportunities for our company and our customers,” says Stefano Bonmassar, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer at Praim. “One of our main goals has always been the continuous development of state-of-the-art, high-performance solutions that quickly and transparently integrate into IT infrastructures, to always maximise productivity and ease of management for customers who decide to rely on us“.

For the coming months, the company planned a number of activities to continue expanding the customer ecosystem and strengthen its relationship with channel partners, both in Italy and abroad, to effectively respond to the needs of an ever-changing market.