Praim Berry, the thin client that halves configuration and start-up time, allows great multimedia performance and keeps the investment on endpoints low.

Trento, 10 September 2018 – Praim, a leading provider of systems for the creation and management of thin & zero client software and hardware workstations, announces the enrichment of its hardware offer by presenting a new thin client: Praim Berry.

With an extremely fast boot time, Praim Berry is the first thin client on the market based on Raspberry Pi 3 B+: the new ARM platform with integrated graphics coprocessor, able to take full advantage of the graphics acceleration in connections with H.264 protocol.

Berry is optimized to deliver a Full HD experience with client-side video rendering. Thanks to the complete integration of the Citrix Receiver, it guarantees total compatibility with Citrix systems Virtual App and Desktop (formerly XenApp and XenDesktop), resulting in a workstation combining high-end multimedia performance with significant endpoint cost savings.

The Praim ThinMan centralized management software allows full control, as it is a simple and complete tool – says Michele Gasparoli, Channel Marketing Manager at Praim -. It’s a tool that allows maintenance and updating of endpoints with simple and few clicks, both in the company and in the branch offices. Praim Berry is also fully compatible with ThinMan Smart Identity, our authentication solution that provides fast and secure access with NFC proximity smart cards. We can say that desktop roaming is easier than ever before! “

The configuration of the new Praim hardware is easy and quick thanks to Agile4Pi, the software natively integrated that speeds up and simplifies theaccess to Citrix environments through an intelligent and controlled interface (Agile Mode), user friendly. Finally, another advantage for the digital workspace guaranteed by this native integration concerns virtual and cloud resources that, in addition to being presented in an ordered list, can be launched with a click.

The new Praim Berry Thin Client is already available for purchase through the Praim resale channel, starting at €139, including a 2-year warranty.

Check the Berry webpage.