Let’s restart from sport!

At Praim we always have ambitious projects and above all we have ideals and values ​​that we pursue with determination and perseverance.

One of these leads us to proudly invest in the Trentino Volley project, as many other leading realities have already done. Believing in the potential of an important team and, above all, of an important company, means for us to believe in the potential of an avant-garde and constantly evolving territory, as well as investing in a social fabric that is excellence at an Italian and European level.

So let’s really restart with sports. Because we want to face and fight the period that put us to the test and because “Mens sana in corpore sano”.

Nothing like this motto could identify us in a better way in this moment. As a high-tech company we must and want to be an opportunity to improve the world and a point of reference for all our customers and for those who will become.