Quantum is the new top-of-the-range solution from Praim: the ideal device for creating a workstation with very high standards, even from the security point of view.

Designed to deliver above-average graphics performance, with multi-monitor support for up to 4 displays, 4K resolution and extended connectivity, Quantum is based on the Dual Core AMD® R-Series Embedded Merlin Falcon chipset and offers 3 standard video outputs with one resolution up to 3480×2160 at 4K with a 60Hz refresh rate, expandable up to 4 video outputs.

Despite being a Dual Core, this model is able to guarantee superior graphics performance, compared to the families of Quad Core processors, thanks to the third generation Radeon R5 integrated GPU.

Thanks to 3 Display Ports, 1 HDMI, 8 USB ports, 1 serial port, 1 integrated smart card reader, 1 LAN port, optional Wi-Fi and optical fiber, Quantum can be used to create advanced workstations and is particularly suitable for working in 3D/CAD environments, for financial applications and for industrial or military control stations, where up to 4 monitors per operator are typically required.

Powerful but without any fans, Quantum is a totally silent device that helps to improve the working environment and guarantees above-average reliability.

All the devices in the series include the main certifications for Citrix, VMware and Microsoft infrastructures, guaranteeing total compatibility with the latest versions of the same. The integration of the Teradici PCoIP and Blast Extreme protocols by VMware, in particular, guarantees an excellent alternative to the Zero Client models with Teradici chipsets, both dual and quad monitor.

All Quantum devices are fully administrable from the Praim ThinMan management console, an important element that distinguishes Praim solutions.

The new series includes various models based on the powerful Praim ThinOX version 11 operating system and a model based on Windows 10 IoT LTSC 2019.

The Praim ThinOX operating system allows a high level of configuration profiling, while ensuring security and simplicity.

The Microsoft Windows 10 IoT operating system, thanks to the integration with Praim Agile technology, guarantees a dynamic solution managed by the administrator, able to control access to all resources in a unified way.

Together with ThinMan Smart Identity, Quantum allows authentication in total security, using a smart card or a proximity card; the user accesses the workstation in a few seconds, without entering his credentials or, if necessary, with an additional security PIN.

Quantum is already available through the Praim authorized dealer network.


To know more about the device, visit the product page.