Praim has recently renewed its entire range of thin client devices to give direct and optimized access also to Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) and Windows 365 Cloud PC.

In fact, the companies that are deciding to invest in the Cloud and in modern hybrid infrastructures are growing, to continue to offer their users a secure, always updated Windows desktop work environment, while seeking important benefits in terms of scalability, operational management efficiency and optimization in the management and distribution of costs (TCO optimization).

Microsoft has therefore recently perfected its offer of (Virtual) Desktop as a Service in Cloud services (previously called Windows Virtual Desktop) with important innovations that allow it to diversify the approach and meet diametrically opposed but coexisting needs on the market, according to the objectives, the company size and the different organizational possibilities.

Today, through the Azure Virtual Desktop services it’s possible to benefit from a Platform as a Service (PaaS) to create your own VDI infrastructure, or virtual desktop, directly on the Microsoft Azure Cloud where you can create and customize virtual Windows 10 or 11 workstations or remote streaming applications, which can also be integrated with Citrix and VMware technologies. A solution that allows total flexibility for more specific needs and, in particular, for structured organizations that want to have complete control over their virtual infrastructure and the related management of users, number of workstations and costs.

The Windows 365 service was also made available a real Software as a Service (SaaS) solution to provide each user, in a secure and already packaged way, Windows 10 and 11 workstations accessible from the Cloud already integrated and configured with other software from the Microsoft world (e.g. for the office or for Video Conferencing, such as Teams), which can be created and used more easily for those with knowledge of the desktop world and according to cost plans per user.

But how to access all these services? How to ensure the best integration with AVD and Windows 365, performance optimization and management of corporate endpoints (workstations, laptops or thin clients) from which to connect? To date there are still limitations to do it from Linux-based devices, where the solution is not yet standardized, Microsoft has not yet released an official client for Linux OS, and where support for optimizations for Video Conferencing is not yet stable and is in continuous and constant evolution, in pursuit of the native features of the Windows operating system.

For this reason, on all existing thin clients, laptops or corporate Windows devices, Praim directly integrates the native and standard Microsoft client, which currently offers the most efficient, complete and optimized solution for connecting to its virtual desktop resources on AVD and/or Windows 365. Through Agile4PC and ThinMan Praim allows you to import your connections to Microsoft’s Cloud desktops, manage their distribution and maintenance on different endpoints and optimize the user experience in session.

Simplifying endpoint management with solutions that help IT managers to reduce complexity and increase security remains Praim’s mission. The integration of Microsoft AVD in the Praim Agile4PC solution and in Windows 10 IoT thin client series, underlines Praim’s attention in the evolution of its solutions and in ensuring the latest standards of the IT market.

Image from the Microsoft Azure website that summarizes the differences between the two solutions.