The need to faster update IT infrastructure and to add new applications, often from different providers, makes it increasingly difficult to manage workstations. In particular, in using hybrid infrastructures, to be able to keep connections constantly updated and fast deploy applications (also in a differentiated way) is now a basic requirement.

In order to help companies in the correct migration to the cloud and to the new technologies, Praim offers a comprehensive suite of products for creating and managing flexible, secure and scalable workstations.

The elements of the suite are 4:

  • ThinMan: the console that controls and manages the corporate workstations.
  • Thin & Zero Client solutions: a wide range of devices optimised for accessing VDI and cloud infrastructures.
  • ThinOX4PC: a PC software conversion to thin client system, running Praim ThinOX
  • Agile: an application installable on Windows PCs that enables the centralised management with ThinMan and gives the user a new, simplified graphical user interface (Agile Mode) and simultaneously performs a lockdown desktop.

Read our infographic to learn more about the benefits the centralised management can bring to your company:

workstation management