Praim expands its support for biometric signature solutions and improves the process of image acquisition from the scanner to the virtual desktop.

Trento, December 15th, 2015 – Praim, the global manufacturer of Thin & Zero Client solutions, announces a new optimised support for biometric signature devices and the integration of an improved image acquisition solution.

Praim has always developed its products considering the raising interoperability with a growing number of devices and solutions constantly integrated into the workplace. A strong request came, not exclusively, from the banking sector, to optimize and improve Thin Client support for biometric signature and image capture solutions.

In banks, the advanced electronic signature is widely spreading, it bringing more safety as well as  a reduction in the waste of time and paper.  Biometric technologies are designed to identify and verify the identity of people through the valuation of different physical or behavioural features. Today, the physical identification field is filled with the most disparate technologies ranging from face recognition, to iris and fingerprints identification solutions. Behavioural characteristics are instead analyzed and verified using  technology like the graphometry, a tool aimed to collect and identify a person’s signature univocal features. Biometric technologies satisfy the need to safely manage people’s identity, in today’s hectic physical and digital worlds. Such technologies and the consequent  automation of the business processes, help workers to devote more time and resources to their business, introducing time savings and paperless procedures and ultimately increasing the overall productivity.

Praim doesn’t stand still in front of such growing market demand, expanding its ThinOX support to include the most popular biometric signature solutions.
 The product offering includes various models of Thin Clients based on ThinOX operating system. To date, Praim supports biometric signature solutions and devices of different vendors, such as Euronovate, Xyzmo, Wacom and PRB.

The evolution and integration of leading solutions for the banking sector has also led to the integration of software components for the image acquisition from USB scanners. The management of USB devices for graphics acquisition can be a critical component in a desktop virtualisation solution. The redirection of remote scanner through  USB protocols can be quite difficult, especially in WAN architectures, where bandwidth and high latency can limit the user experience, with long waiting times. Thank to this solution, reading a cheque at a bank office or filing a digital document gets easier and faster, also in a VDI environment.

The technology collaboration between Praim ThinOX and Emmedi ScanRead VDI & Twain VDI technology (Emmedi is a specialised company based in Udine), allows to create an endpoint workplace, within Citrix and VMware virtual environments, that goes beyond this set of problems.. Specifically designed for the banking, this solution will combine the benefits of virtual desktop architectures with Thin Client infrastructures without giving up the speed of a typical workstation in the processing of digital scans.

We are really proud of the success achieved from our integrated offer, dedicated specifically to provide banks with an efficient solution” – says Stefano Bonmassar, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer of Praim – “We always look carefully at the market needs and we stand out in complex projects, where our proven long experience offers to customers an added value, both in terms of products and services”.

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