Cybersecurity has always been one of the most critical areas within companies. IT infrastructure optimisation and security investments have become crucial, especially in the last period, due to the many hacker attacks.

These threats require companies to implement advanced security and data protection solutions. A need which also arises from the increasing number of people who use devices and work with business data and systems.

Using devices such as thin clients can make it easier to implement security policies, regardless of the operating system you are using. Here are some of the options that Praim Thin Clients (Windows and ThinOX) offer companies to significantly reduce the risks:

Windows Devices Security

You can use the Write Filter feature made available on Windows Embedded, Windows Enterprise, and Windows Education systems. This feature does not allow hard disk write operations (every write operation remains stored in RAM); when the device will be switched off, the hard disk drive’s operating system remains unchanged, ready for the next restart of the device.

Another security best practice for devices is to protect local users by using a password or putting the devices on a domain.

For Windows operating system, Praim provides Agile: the solution that works as a connection agent for your PC with ThinMan centralised management software. On all Praim Windows Embedded devices this software is already available and licensed. One of the features that Agile provides regarding IT security is the ability to lock down your desktop. The end user does not access the standard Windows desktop but a new user interface through which he will access only the resources (VDI or Cloud only) configured by the administrator.

ThinOX Devices Security

Devices are intrinsically protected because users can not install additional programs, they can just modify their configuration by acting through the configuration GUIs (Control Panel).

The administrator user can set a password to protect the terminal from configuration changes. He can also give the end user access to the configuration parameters normally required for carrying out his work activities (mouse, sound, monitor resolution, language).

Finally, the administrator can disable the access to USB devices, in a partial or total way, and configure the possibility to export them to the virtual infrastructure.

For both operating systems

ThinMan Login function is available for ThinOX and Windows through the centralised management software ThinMan. This feature allows you to secure the access to devices through a credentials request that will be later verified through an Active Directory server. It is particularly useful in the case of devices to which different and numerous users have access (eg university computer rooms, call centers,…). With ThinMan Login you can also provide connections based on the connected user (User Profile).


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