Until July 31st 2018 you can replace your old thin clients with the new Praim models. If you still didn’t take advantage of it, we give you 3 good reasons to discover Trade In 2018 promotion!

1. Save up to 20% for each thin client

Choose the model that best suits your work environment and save up to 20% on each endpoint, that is up to € 120 on each device.

2. Free delivery

Order the Thin Client you prefer and Praim will deliver it directly to your office, at no extra costs to you.

3. New Praim models

With Praim Trade-in you can upgrade your endpoint infrastructure with cutting-edge thin client solutions:

The versatile thin client, low energy cost and compact design. It’s the ideal device for accessing resources in Cloud or virtual desktop and for use with VoIP and Unified Communications solutions.

Suitable for users working in multi-monitor environments (up to 3) and using 3D applications and high-resolution videos. It offers the maximum connectivity, you can also choose Power Over Ethernet (PoE) option.


What are you waiting for? Fill in the form and enjoy all the advantages of your new thin clients!

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