If you have been racking your brains for some time to understand how to support your organization in fully embracing the philosophy of Smart Working without having to revolutionize your IT infrastructure, renounce to your virtual environment and without having to come up with complex and fragile (as well as potentially threat-prone!) technical stratagems… well, then you’ve come to the right place!

The main objective of Smart Working seems to be at odds with the practical needs of the IT administrator. The first one targets the transformation of traditional working environments into more flexible and dynamic organizations where, when possible, operators are free from a fixed workplace and fully mobile, without any change in their operations. The second one has to guarantee total functionality, control, security and uniformity of use on all the workstations of the organization.

Actually, we are absolutely confident that this is not the case! On the contrary, in fact, we believe that Smart Working also offers IT administrators great opportunities to adopt and set up new solutions aimed at overall simplification, harmonization, cost reduction and ease of management. How can we be so sure? Now we reveal you a secret…

 “Here’s our secret, a very simple secret: it is only with WSS connections (WebSocket Secure) that one can manage rightly. The essential is invisible to the eyes“¹… and independent from the workstation and its location!

In fact, the Praim ThinMan, Agile and ThinOX software products are now all based on secure communications via the WebSocket protocol. An invisible characteristic to the users, but very powerful in practice!

Thanks to the use of the new protocol, ThinMan establishes a direct, continuous and bi-directional communication with each of the workstations managed by Agile or ThinOX. It will no longer be necessary for ThinMan and the endpoints to be on the same network, or to use Gateway, as the established channels normally work also on networks with NAT and firewall. Communications can be secured with certificates. The continuity and bi-directionality of the channel ensures that each workstation remain reachable and that its state is known and updated at any time (see also this article).

Basically, you will be able to manage every company workstation wherever it is, even if it moves to remote or domestic networks. For the user, the work experience will be always unchanged and immediate. Thanks to ThinMan Login it is possible to customize the desktop experience depending on the identity and role of the user. At the same time the administrator can:

Manage fully mobile/portable workstations (like laptops empowered with Agile)

Monitor the status of each workstation in real-time (recognizing, for instance, unexpected shutdowns or unsuccessful boots) and check the status of running services without setting up ad hoc VPNs.

Offer remote assistance on each site, also belonging to different fleets, independently from the location.

Manage all your endpoints wherever you are with Praim ThinMan

So, whether your users are in any of your remote offices, teleworking at home or away on a business trip, and whether they are using thin clients, old personal computers or laptops, with Praim products you can still keep the entire fleet monitored. Wherever the endpoints are, with Praim you can guarantee an unchanged working environment to all users while keeping the complete management functions of each endpoint. And to the question “What about Smart Working?” your answer will be “Why not! There is absolutely no difference!”.

But that’s not all: the only real secret is that total mobility and flexibility also applies to you! To do this you just need an internet connection and your ThinMan reachable online, for example by deploying it in Cloud. In short, why administering from a basement, if you can do it from the beach? What is “Smarter” than working this way?! Don’t spread it around, otherwise everyone will want to take your place!

¹ Free reinterpretation of the Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry: “[…] here is my secret, a very simple secret: it is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.