Today is certainly not the happiest of times, but as in all things, it is in our best interests to try to take the positives from these negative events.
Current circumstances should help us plan for tomorrow now, to become aware of a new, adaptive, efficient and sustainable way of working.

We know that now most of the companies that can continue to operate have already adopted a system for smart working, in most cases a PC or Notebook (usually Windows), to allow their staff to be able to work from home. But…

Is it possible to grant remote assistance to these devices?

Is it possible to control and centrally manage them to make sure they integrate with company systems?

Praim wants to do its part, like everyone else. That’s why we provide a Windows device management solution for free for 3 months.

The solution is ThinMan + Agile4PC

ThinMan is our centralized management console capable of managing Praim Thin Clients, third-party Thin Clients, Windows PCs and Notebooks, Linux-based devices (ThinOX4PC) and Raspberry Pi.

Agile4PC is an “agent” for Windows operating systems to communicate with ThinMan and automate any monitoring, configuration, software distribution and access to Citrix, VMware and Microsoft virtualized infrastructures.

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