In a time characterized by an increase in the cost of raw materials, services, supplies, electricity, everyone’s attention inevitably goes to how to save money and how to consume less.

This happens in the private lives of all of us, but also (and raised to the nth degree) in companies throughout the world. Whether they are direct to the consumer or are part of a production chain, more and more companies are now facing a tightening of bills of any kind. First of all that of electricity.

In such a climate, created due to unpredictable, predictable and speculative world events, we must run for cover, even in the corporate sphere, where you have to capitalize. And there are two ways to capitalize: to increase revenues (but it’s not always so simple to achieve), to decrease costs (very difficult but perhaps with some tricks, feasible).

After this heavy and long introduction, what we want to tell is precisely the fact that thanks to the conscious choice of adequate IT tools, companies can actually save on energy costs.

A thin client is, in most cases, a more than valid alternative to the PC (notebook or desktop). And it is the most “green” alternative that you can choose:

  • It consumes up to 5 times less than a PC
  • It has a life of up to 5 times longer than that of a PC
  • It has no moving parts inside, so it does not move dust and air in the workplace
  • It does not heat up like a PC and this involves less use of room air conditioning

Think of multiplying this energy saving for all workstations of a company.

In addition, by combining the right management tools with the adoption of thin client workstations, you can also schedule intelligent switching on and off of these devices, in order to safeguard downtime and consume energy only when needed.

There are many small measures that put together make a substantial saving, in terms of energy, of investments and of total costs at the end of the year.

Small steps towards a greener future, a more conscious exploitation of resources and slightly more bearable bills!